Why Daylight Savings Time is Good for Your Health

STAT Health March 12, 2018

Unless you’re a farmer or a vampire, you’re probably a pretty big fan of daylight savings time (DST).  It means more waking hours of daylight to enjoy and liberation from the short, dark days of winter. Plus, there are many great health benefits of daylight savings time.

As we typically spend more awake time in the evenings than in the mornings, there are many health benefits of daylight savings time that stem from being alert while the sun shines. These benefits include increased vitamin D production, more time to exercise outdoors, increased opportunities for socializing, and an overall improvement to one’s mood and mental health.

For all us nine-to-fivers, DST can help lift the depression many of us feel during the winter months. Who doesn’t feel better when they leave the office for the day by seeing the sun still shining?

Though not directly linked to the science of health, it has been reported that crime decreases by 7 percent during DST. (The reduction of chances of being mugged or killed is therefore a pretty positive health benefit.)

Additionally, there are less traffic accidents during DST. In fact, estimates show that 366 lives per year are saved because of the reduction in traffic accidents.

Of course, there are some people who aren’t fans of DST. They hate losing that hour of sleep during the changeover and are loath to adjust their clocks twice a year. But for the rest of us, between the health benefits of daylight savings time, and everything else that goes with it, DST is a time to rejoice and it serves as a happy symbol of spring.

The best news of all? DST and all its health benefits are just around the corner. So, from all us at STAT Health, “spring ahead” to good health!

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